Wednesday, January 22, 2014

100 days

The generosity towards our adoption fund of so many friends, family members and strangers has been quite overwhelming at times. It has been such a blessing from the Lord and we thank Him for what he has provided, and what He continues to provide. 

Not only that, we thank Him for how He is providing. For instance, one of our very sweet nephews has decided to help raise funds for our adoption with his "100 days" project at school!

He is asking everyone to save their pop tabs for him. All the tabs will get taken to the recycling center and turned in for cash. Not only that, he has also offered to make a rubber-band bracelet for anyone who donates twelve or more tabs! 

To top it off, over the Christmas holiday one of our other sweet nephews brought us jars stuffed full of pop tabs!! So awesome!! He had us guessing for days as to what might be waiting under that red wrapping paper! :)

The giving and kind hearts of these two boys just warms my soul! Hopefully in the near future they will have another cousin to be sharing their creativity and kind hearts with!!